Illustrating Mexico one page at a time-Print Art of José Guadalupe Posada

El defensor de los indios, ó, La isla del Naufragio : Biblioteca del Niño Mexicano

Artist: José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican, 1851–1913) Author: Frias, Heriberto, 1870-1925 Biblioteca del Niño Mexicano Chromolithograph on cover designed by Jose´ Guadalupe Posada. "Barcelona--Imp. de la Casa Editorial Maucci"--P. 16. Casas, Bartolomé de las 1484-1566 II, Emperor of Mexico Montezuma approximately 1480-1520 Cortés, Hernán 1485-1547 Indians, Treatment of America--Discovery and exploration--Spanish Bartolomé de las Casas; c. 1484 – 18 July 1566) was a 16th-century Spanish colonist who acted as a historian and social reformer before becoming a Dominican friar. He was appointed as the first resident Bishop of Chiapas, and the first officially appointed "Protector of the Indians". His extensive writings, the most famous being A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies and Historia de Las Indias, chronicle the first decades of colonization of the West Indies. He described the atrocities committed by the colonizers against the indigenous peoples (source: wikipedia). Fair academic use only. Posted according to section 108 of title 17 of the United States Code, §201.14: Warnings of copyright for use by individual libraries and archives.
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