Illustrating Mexico one page at a time-Print Art of José Guadalupe Posada

The exhibition layout-Panel 2.

Posada illustrated many small booklets, typically less than twenty pages long and measuring roughly nine centimeters by twelve centimeters. These small publications are known in English as chapbooks; in Spanish, they are known as Cuadernos. The chapbooks covered a variety of subjects including recipes, short stories, songs, and plays. Front covers usually were illustrated with an image related to the content of the chapbook. Between 1899 and 1901, Posada illustrated for the Biblioteca del Niño Mexicano series — Posada’s only series that appeared in full color. There were a total of 110 chapbook-sized booklets printed. The booklets, written by Heriberto Frías, tell the history of Mexico through short fablelike stories that include Moctezuma and Aztec society before the arrival of the Spanish; the Spanish conquest and the role of the Catholic Church; and the struggle for Mexican independence.
Curator: Liladhar P. Artist: Aisha Hamilton
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José Guadalupe Posada and Manuel Manilla