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Cuban Poster Art

Lucía-Poster of a Cuban film.

During Cuba's war for independence from Spain, Lucia (Raquel Revuelta), a single woman from a wealthy family, betrays her brother, a Cuban revolutionary, when she inadvertently leads her lover to his secret hideout. In the 1930s, an idealistic young pregnant woman, also named Lucia (Eslinda Núñez), leaves her family and gets involved with an activist group. Finally, in the 1960s, a newly married woman named Lucia (Adela Legrá) fights with her husband (Adolfo Llauradó) over her own freedom. Release date: February 26, 1974 (New York City) Director: Humberto Solás Cinematography: Jorge Herrero Music composed by: Leo Brouwer Screenplay: Humberto Solás, Julio García Espinosa, Nelson Rodríguez