Project IRENE Using optical scanning to digitize ethnographic field recordings on wax cylinders

Optical Scan of Cylinder 14-1700.1: Original Cylinder

Overview of a small portion of the cylinder (Left) and a detail (Right). The detail is a magnified view of the portion boxed in yellow in the overview. The image shows the end of the groove; the cylinder where the recording stopped. 14-1700.1 is documented as an original recording. The grooves are very clearly discerned, and the surface is very regular and smooth. This is a stark contrast to the duplicate of this cylinder.
February 1912
Actual Dimension:
Overview Left: 13.5 cm h x .546 cm w Detail: 7.2cm h x .546 cm w
Exhibit Tags:
optical scan overview, 1700, wax cylinder, Duplicates, and optical scan