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Science Gets Graphic! Cartoons, Comics and Graphic Novels in the Sciences


While cartoons and comics have been used to help teach science in the past, we have witnessed a significant increase in the use of this form of art and storytelling to engage students and the general public in the sciences. Evidence suggests that comic books and similar visual media can effectively teach scientific concepts and promote interest in learning science. And they're not just for K-12 students - college students, teachers, parents, and other adults enjoy them as well! Authors and artists have published comics, graphic novels, and narrative fiction to explore topics in mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry, and other sciences.

From manga guides and illustrated texts to biographies and zombies teaching calculus, this display features illustrated works and graphic novels from our collections that aim to teach college students and the general public about science and scientists.

Exhibit curated by Brian Quigley and Beth Shippey

Designed by Aisha Hamilton

On display in the Mathematics Statistics Library (100 Evans) April 23-August 24, 2018