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Library Exhibition Posters Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Doe Library

Library Exhibition Posters

Doe Library Exhibitions

The UC Berkeley Library has documented nearly thirteen million volumes of research material, ranging from paintings, lithographs, papyri, audio and video recordings, fashionable top hats from the late 1800s, known as "plugs", along with FBI files from the Federal Surveillance of African Americans, 1920-1984. Filled with scholarly and innovative topics from antiquity to the present day, the Library’s collections support researchers within the campus community and throughout the world. As Librarians explore ways to maintain a connection with faculty, students, and research scholars, finding pathways to link educational resources with the Library remains essential. By making Library exhibitions available in both digital and physical formats, volumes of content are able to make their way off the shelves and into a curated story; researched and formatted into an exhibit. As a medium, exhibitions support the UC Berkeley Library’s Mission: “We help current and future users find, evaluate, use, and create knowledge to better the world.”

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Hidden Treasures from the Fine Arts Collections

Curator: Kathryn Wayne; Designer: A. Hamilton

Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, Doe Library, UC Berkeley Library, 2006

Above image: Whose University: The 50th Anniversary of the UC Berkeley Third World Liberation Front Strike. Photo by Library Communications, UC Berkeley Library, 2019.