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Flyer celebrating the national injunction against the U.S. ban on Lesbian and Gay foreign visitors

Black and white flyer with photo of winning attorney Mary C. Dunlap and triumphant visitor from England Carl Basil Angelo Hill. Photo by Rink. City Hall Rotunda, 6:30-8:30pm, Tuesday, July 27. To celebrate the permanent, national injunction against the U.S. ban on Lesbian and Gay male foreign visitors. Performers and speakers to include: The Gay Freedom Day Marching Band, Batu-Gala, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Gay Fillipino immigrant Stanley Rebultan, Winning attorney Mary C. Dunlap, Supervisor Harry Britt, Craig Seybold - Mark Tours, Robin Tyler, M.C., and many, many more guests, acts and surprises. The event will be signed for the hearing impaired. The rotunda is wheelchair accessible from the Grove Street entrance of City Hall. Please use the phone at that entrance if the guard is not standing by.
San Francisco LGBT General Subjects Ephemera Collection, courtesy of the GLBT Historical Society
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