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¡PROTESTA! flyer: March and rally against mandatory testing, immigration restrictions, and deportation of people with HIV/AIDS

Black and white flyer with image of the United States flag with barbed wire as the stripes, and fifty headshots of Jesse Helms as the stars. The headline reads, "¡PROTESTA! CONTRA LA MIGRA" with an ACT UP! FIGHT BACK! circle logo and date, "MARTES 19 de JUNIO, 4 DE LA TARDE, SANSOME Y MARKET". The subtext reads, "MARCHA A LAS OFICINAS DE LA MIGRA. ALTO CON LA PRUEBA MANDATORIA DEL VIH (SIDA). FIN A LAS RESTRICIONES INMIGRATORIAS CONTRA LAS PERSONAS CON SIDA/VIH. NO A LA DEPORTACION DE LAS PERSONAS CON SIDA/VIH.
From the Jorge Cortiñas Papers, courtesy of The GLBT Historical Society
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flyers, protest, rally, jorge cortiña, GLBTHS, HIV/AIDS, SIDA, and Immigration