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The Russian Revolution Centenary: 1917-2017 Politics, Propaganda and People's Art


I must thank Professor Alexei Yurchak for pointing out to me the following, "when speaking about the anniversary of the revolution, one should stay wider than the short period of the revolution itself, plus some odd years of Stalinism that immediately followed it, and ignore completely the wider fruition of that dream in the developed Soviet period and its final collapse in the end? After all, these were all aspects of the revolution as we see it today after the Soviet history has ended. "

I agree with his idea that one cannot quite consider the revolution and its anniversary and legacy without considering at least to some extent its finale. While this exhibition focuses on the very narrow slice of time in the continuum of the history of Russian people, Russian State, and our humanity, the argument that Professor Alexei Yurchak has made have made rethink my own views of this event and its seismic magnitude.