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The Russian Revolution Centenary: 1917-2017 Politics, Propaganda and People's Art

People's Art

Authors, Artists and Poets

The Revolution, and the Civil War that followed, also inspired several artistic, poetic and literary works that cannot be ignored. While the propaganda of the Revolution was geared towards presenting a cohesive sanctioned narrative that the Bolshevik’s had in mind, the literary works including poems presented alternative narratives. These narratives allude to the complex human interactions in a highly nuanced milieu of the changing world. In this panel, the curators have chosen to present the viewers with several literary works and their translations from the library collections.

Besides, presenting these literary works, we have included several faculty members and student publications from the several campuses at the University of California. In order to make this exhibition visually interesting, besides the books, we have included chosen images and movie posters that depict the 1917 Russian Revolution.