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Who Killed Professor X? : A Journey in Time... a Crime... an Unexpected Finale

Thodoris Andriopoulos; translated by Phil Holland
Thanasis Gkiokas
The story takes place in Paris in 1900 and is a murder case for which the greatest mathematicians of all time are considered suspects. Each suspect's statement to the police leads to a mathematical problem. The plot of the novel, the possible motive of every suspect and the elements of his or her character are based on actual historical figures. In this way, in addition to the book's value as entertainment, it gives the reader the opportunity to become acquainted with people, events, and theories that have shaped the history of mathematics and the advancement of human knowledge. The book is both an imaginative historical novel as well as an innovative idea for using school mathematics to solve a crime. The educational project on which the book is based took third prize in the 6th Microsoft European Innovative Teachers Forum.