Art for the Asking: 60 Years of the Graphic Arts Loan Collection

Getting the GALC Started

The Graphic Arts Loan Collection officially opened on September 22, 1958 with a reception and viewing of all 158 prints in the collection. This viewing lasted for two weeks before the prints were circulated to students at UC Berkeley. The collection started with a $5,000 grant from the Columbia Foundation, which led to the purchase of 100 prints, of which the Max Beckman print in this case is one of. Fifty more prints were given to the collection by the International Graphic Arts Society. In 1958, UC Berkeley became a member of the IGAS’s recently expanded rental service program. As a part of this program, UC Berkeley was able to choose 50 framed prints free of charge from the IGAS to start the GALC with the stipulation that UC Berkeley spend at least $150 each year to grow the collection. James D. Hart, UC Berkeley English Professor and UC Berkeley VIce Chancellor from 1957-1960, was instrumental in getting funding for establishing the GALC.

Items located in this exhibit case:

1) San Francisco Examiner newspaper, Sunday, November 9, 1958.

2) A GALC receipt letting students know that the framed print is due back no later than 17 January 1959--A fine of 50 cents a day will be charged if returned after 17 January 1959.

3 & 4) Invitation to the opening exhibition of Prints in the GALC on September 22, 1958 at 4 p.m.

5) Report from the sub-committee to consider the policies of the Morrison Library dated December 5, 1955, and addressed to Professor James D. Hart, who was chair of the Committee on the Library. The sub-committee felt that the Morrison Library was not participating to its full power in the intellectual life of the university. One of the recommendations was that a print lending library be instituted in connection with the Morrison Library.

6) Telegram dated June 10, 1958 from Vice Chancellor James D Hart to Theodore Gusten, Executive Director of the International Graphic Arts Society, stating that the university has accepted the invitation to participate in the IGAS art lending program. University Librarian Donald Coney is copied.

7) Weathervane (1946) by Max Beckman (1884-1950).

8) Request from Chancellor Clark Kerr to UC President Robert Gordon Sproul to let UC Berkeley become a part of the IGAS.

Beckman, Max