Art for the Asking: 60 Years of the Graphic Arts Loan Collection

The GALC Through the Years

Items located in this exhibit case:

1 & 2) “What Is An Original Print?” handout that was given to GALC patrons over the years.

3) How Prints Look: Photographs With A Commentary by William M. Ivins, Jr., Beacon Press, 1958. Opened to page 80 to show the difference between an etching and an engraving.

4) Letter dated January 6, 1965 from University Librarian Donald Coney to Richard Hafner, Public Affairs Officer suggesting the University draw attention to the “sit-out” of students waiting in line overnight to check-out GALC prints to counter the sit-ins by protesters on campus.

5) Three check-out cards for prints: Pablo Picasso, Francois; Ben Shahn, Mining Building; and Fritz Winter, Composition In Black.

6) Overdue notice from 1990 for three prints: 240, Mark Luca, To and Fro; 281 Nick Dante Viccaro, Coming To Rest; 293 Aristide Maillol, Standing Nude.

7) Poster for UCLA’s Hogarth’s England print exhibit that traveled to the Morrison Library in 1960. These traveling print shows between the UC campuses were quite common at the time.

8) Photograph of students choosing GALC prints from the fall of 1982. Before the collection went online, all the prints were hung and placed throughout the Morrison Library for two weeks. Patrons who came to the room to read and study found this time of year bothersome to say the least.

9) “Art For The Asking” article from November, 1959 issue of the California Monthly.

Original check-out cards for prints
Coney letter to Hafner
"Art for the Asking" article